Other Software

I have writen various applications over the years, some of them have been very successful and made me a lot of money while others are obscure tools with a limited market. Below is a list of current applications I have available for download.

Picture Slots

A unique Slot Machine that allows you to create your own Reels using your Digital Photos. You can share your Reels, Themes and Backgrounds via the Picture Slots Web Site.

Visit the Picture Slots Web Site


Designed to assist me in selling my images to clients it allows me to create a sales package that the client can use to order images in the comfort of their own home. When they've selected the images and print sizes they want Pic-A-Shot will either print the order or E-mail it to me. Pic-A-Shot has proven to be very popular with clients and some photographers.

Visit the Pic-A-Shot Web Site

Photo Encrypt & Send

An application I wrote when I travelled interstate and want to send photos automatically to the love of my life back in the eastern states. It encryptes a photo (or photos) and sends them via E-mail. They can't be viewed by anyone else without the password. Did you know that your ISP can access any photos you send via E-mail? This program stops them seeing your more sensitive images.

Visit the Photo Encrypt & Send Web Site

Not Now Document


I once wanted to give a special message to my partner via E-mail on her birthday but I was going to be interstate at the time. So I wanted to write the message before I left and ensure she didn't read it until her birthday. I wrote Not Now Document to allow me to do that. Even with the password for a Now Now Document you can't read it until the date specified. You can even have an expiry date so the document can't be read after a certain date. Automatically sends the document via E-mail if you want it to.

Download Not Now Document


Useful Information


I've been a keen Photographer since 2004 and get the most pleasure from People Pictures. I don't do good landscapes and am not really interested in other forms of photography. It's the beautiful people, the black and white art, and the Glamour / Nudes that keep me from going sane

  Information Technology

I've been in the computer industry for 23 years and have run large Novell Networks, been a Programmer, Owned a Computer Repair Business and lots more. In November 2008 I will stop working in the IT Industry and persue other more enjoyable ventures.

For Sarah, the love of my life!