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This software contains no spyware, adware, viruses, or any other nasties. Bring back the Death Penalty for those who create these things.

What is it?

A software package designed to allow Photographic Models to maintain records of previous modeling work. With it you can keep track of employers & photographers you have worked with as well as web sites you are featured on. There are also categorised Photo Galleries to store sample photographs in. You can build a customised Distribution Package that can be sent to potential employers or photographers or uploaded to your web site. Over time you will build up an impressive Resume. I want to put a link to your web site on my site.


As a Photographer myself I like to know a little about a Model before I work with beforehand. Their age, what type of modeling they are interested in, body peircings, tattoos, etc. I also like to see sample photographs to determine if they are suitable for what I want. With all this in mind I started to write "Portfolio Manager" back in 2007.

Custom Distribution Packages

You can use any of the Distrution Package Templates that are installed with PortMan or create and customise your own. They are standard HTML which means they can be viewed on any computer with a Web Browser. You can also upload them directly to the Internet.

See samples of finished Distribution Packages


Portfolio Manager is now free! It used to cost $59.00 to buy but I've released it as freeware because I'm tired of a lack of support from PayPal. Because I don't make a fortune from the software I write I'm not important enough. I E-mailed them and got ignored, I requested a call back and they never rang me. So, I've dumped them and am giving away most of my software for free.

Download Portfolio Manager Now!

Links to Models using Portfolio Manager

I would like to create a page of links to Models using Portfolio Manager, so if you are using it and like it please send me a link to your site and I will include you.

Two important things to remember at all times;

  1. There are only 10 kinds of people in the world - those who understand Binary and those who don't!
  2. No matter where you go, there you are!

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 Craig Edgar Portfolio Manager

Found a great idea! The National Vehicle Service Register (NVSR) storing Motor Vehicle Service Histories online - and they're available free of charge. I only mention this because it's a great Australian concept that will be a brilliant tool for anyone purchasing a used vehicle.

Visit the NVSR now!


Useful Information

  Photo Galleries

Predefined Sample Galleries are; General, Galmour & Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie, Sheer, Implied Nudity, Art Nudes, Miscellaneous. All are included in your Distribution Package.

  Work History

Record work you have done previously and details about what you did. Useful over time to build a reasonable Resume.

  Photographer History

Save details about Photographers you have worked with in the past. Once again, helps to build an impressive Resume.

  Web Sites

Show potential Employers what web sites you are featured on.


Written for professional photographers to allow the creation of a CD/DVD of encrypted images from a photo shoot. Client can order prints and print sizes from home but can't print any of the images. Read More...

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