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Ashley of Narooma NSWPortfolio Manager can be downloaded and used for as long as you like free of charge.

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Additional Distribution Package Templates

Any additional templates I make will can be downloaded below. Once downloaded all you need to do to install and use them is double click on them and they will be automatically installed if you have version 3.1 or later of Portfolio Manager installed.

Sample Templates

The following templates are installed automatically with Portfolio Manager. To view an online sample, click on the Template name.


This is the default template used if you do not select a template when producing a Distribution Package. It has a lot of Purple in it.

Basic Black

A template featuring Blacks, Whites, and Grey tones.

Basic Skin Tones

The "Basic Skin Tones" template is how it sounds.

Blue Zoe

"Blue Zoe" is simple template with a blue theme. You can change the background image with one of your own if you like.

Flash Red

This template has a red background and matching harmonious text. It also features Flash Enabled Buttons.

Minimum System Requirements

Computer running Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or later. A CD / DVD Burner.

Freeware Web Masters

You can include Portfolio Manager in your Freeware Library by using the following PAD File:

Two important things to remember at all times;

  1. There are only 10 kinds of people in the world - those who understand Binary and those who don't!
  2. No matter where you go - there you are!

Useful Information

  Photo Galleries

Predefined Sample Galleries are; General, Galmour & Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie, Sheer, Implied Nudity, Art Nudes, Miscellaneous. All are included in your Distribution Package.

  Work History

Record work you have done previously and details about what you did. Useful over time to build a reasonable Resume.

  Photographer History

Save details about Photographers you have worked with in the past. Once again, helps to build an impressive Resume.

  Web Sites

Show potential Employers what web sites you are featured on.


Written for professional photographers to allow the creation of a CD/DVD of encrypted images from a photo shoot. Client can order prints and print sizes from home but can't print any of the images. Read More...

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