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Shonny of Narooma NSWPortfolio Manager came into being because someone I knew wanted to start a career as a photographic model. I thought that in today's world with technology such as the Internet it would be very easy to lose track of where photographs are, what web sites she was on and what photographers she had worked with. So I came up with Portfolio Manager to solve the problem. She could now create a profile about herself and produce an electronic package which could be sent to potential employers. As I'm also a Photographer I like to know something about a Model before I'll work with. I need to know things like, 1) What they look like, 2) How old are they, 3) Type of modeling they're interested in, 4) Body piercing's, etc. Portfolio Manager gives me all that information, and more, so that I can more easily decide if I want to employ them or not.

Contained within Portfolio Manager are 8 predefined galleries for you to store sample photographs for inclusion in the Electronic Distribution Portfolio Package.

Ashley - Narooma NSWShonny - Narooma NSWShonny - Narooma NSWMelitah - Narooma NSWZoe - Narooma NSW

With Portfolio Manager the model can send, to potential employers or photographers, an electronic sample of their work that tells them everything they need to know. Nothing is more embarrassing than asking a model to put on some lingerie only to be told "I don't do lingerie work!". It saves time and effort, but above all it keeps a record of the work a model has done, the web sites they appear on, photographers they've worked for, etc.

I hope it helps you as well.

Useful Information

  Photo Galleries

Predefined Sample Galleries are; General, Galmour & Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie, Sheer, Implied Nudity, Art Nudes, Miscellaneous. All are included in your Distribution Package.

  Work History

Record work you have done previously and details about what you did. Useful over time to build a reasonable Resume.

  Photographer History

Save details about Photographers you have worked with in the past. Once again, helps to build an impressive Resume.

  Web Sites

Show potential Employers what web sites you are featured on.


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